Ten signs of sabotage

Ten signs of sabotage
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

What a fascinating thought: in 1944, the predecessor of the CIA wrote a handbook on sabotaging organizations from within. For people who study entrepreneurship, this handbook can provide precious insight: how can you recognize and counteract the saboteurs of your organization?

These are the ten most essential learnings we took from the Simple Sabotage Field Manual published on 17 January 1944:

1. Do everything you can to delay the work of your organization;
2. Try to make your organization's work as complicated as possible;
3. Advocate contradictory positions;
4. Seek to prevent constructive action;
5. Advocate passion over reason;
6. Emotions over facts;
7. Personal interests over company interests;
8. Self-expression over serving the greater good;
9. Status over results;
10. Ego over the team.

If you are an entrepreneur, manager, or CEO, you must look for signs of sabotage within your organization. By being aware of saboteurs' tactics, you can help prevent them from damaging your business.

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Jamie Larson