MSc31: collected the best ideas

MSc31:  collected the best ideas
Photo Credits: Sebastiaan Hooft (2023)

This week a group of 54 full-time Nyenrode Business University students started to go from idea to startup. The ultimate goal in four months is to pitch a startup to investors. One of the teams will win the Entrepreneurship Award.

After a keynote by Aart Zandbergen, the group collected and voted on the best starter ideas, and the students formed their teams. The first steps for the teams are to divide the roles, agree on the ownership of the startup and make good planning. The tools that the students use are listed on the resources page.

Photo Credits: Sebastiaan Hooft (2023)

Also, a list of assumptions is made. The teams will validate these assumptions while transitioning from an idea to a startup. They submit this list periodically to the program management so we can measure the program's progress.

On March 10, the teams have a so-called hot seat session to discuss with their coaches where they stand and what challenges they face. After this session, we will post the names of the teams and describe the problem the startup solves. Stay tuned!

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