Entrepreneurship in the Dutch healthcare sector

Entrepreneurship in the Dutch healthcare sector
Photo Credits: Entrepreneurship Awards (2022)

Entrepreneurship education enrollments at our partner Zorgvisie are going faster than ever. There seems to be an enormous need for knowledge on entrepreneurship within the Dutch healthcare sector, and healthcare institutions are prepared to invest in this.

Entrepreneurial skills have become essential

Healthcare institutions have always been focused on providing quality patient care. Still - now more than ever - it's essential that they also become entrepreneurial to successfully navigate the ever-changing healthcare landscape.

By developing an entrepreneurial mindset and embracing new technologies, healthcare providers can open up opportunities for growth and improvement.

Healthcare managers play a critical role in leading the charge toward a more innovative future, and inspiring that culture starts with understanding the value and potential of entrepreneurial skills.

Role of the Entrepreneurship Awards

Photo Credits: Entrepreneurship Awards (2022)

We offer the perfect opportunity if you are a healthcare manager looking to develop your entrepreneurial skills. By joining our best-rated program via Zorgvisie Academy, you can develop invaluable knowledge and expertise to maximize the full potential of your skills and make an even more significant impact in the healthcare sector.

With an inspirational and supportive atmosphere, this program provides an excellent platform for healthcare managers to hone their skills and make a difference.

What will you gain from attending the Zorgvisie Academy:

🧑‍🏫 Insights from knowledgeable entrepreneurship professionals
💡 Creative problem-solving techniques
✨ The ability to think outside of the box
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Network with healthcare managers and lecturers

At the end of our sessions hosted at Nyenrode Business Universiteit, we always ask about the participants' experiences. Below are the three most frequently mentioned reactions we hear after our session:

  1. It contributes to solving problems in healthcare;
  2. It gives me more control over their work;
  3. It strengthens my involvement in the organization.

Are you still faced with the question of how you can invest in your healthcare institution? Then consider asking us for support on your entrepreneurship education! Please get in touch with Ger Zwartendijk for more info on our custom programs.

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